Risperidone B.P. – 1 mg

Residone 1 MD

Brand Name : Residone 1 MD

Composition : Risperidone B.P. – 1 mg

Packing : (10X15)

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Description :

Risperidone is a composition that Lifegenix uses to treat mental health disorders. This is a beneficial drug that promotes dignified results and helps cure disorders such as schizophrenia. This comes under the category of antipsychotics, which are made the treat brain functioning, these are beneficial when given to the patient in moderate quantities as with the knowledge, they activate the brain cells and control the functioning of serotonin, a hormone released in the brain during the anxiety period. With the doctor’s advice, one can intake the dose by combining it with other drugs in order the treat the manic and depressive episodes. 

The action mechanism noted for the Risperidone composition drug is that, it helps in the improvement of the mood, helps in the relief of anxiety, and also reduces the tendency of panic attacks. It provides the benefits by which one feels better and gets relief from the occurrence often disorders all over again. There are some important precautions that are advised to be followed by the person as for the betterment of the results. One must associate with the doctor’s consultation before the intake of composition tablets. The advisory precautions are, overconsumption is prohibited, and allergies have to be reported to the doctor if the patient feels any issues with the consumption, consult your respected clinician.

Significantly, pregnant women must not intake the dose as this is not supported for the child. Adults of 18 and above are only allowed. There are some side effects of Risperidone composition that can be faced by the person such as heavy breathing, headache, nausea, and many others, hence take it carefully.

Used of Risperidone Composition

This an antipsychotic drug that is known to benefit the person with the treatment of mental health disorders. The appropriate uses of the tablets are mentioned below.

  • Helps in curing theschizophrenia.
  • Treats anxiety occurance.
  • Helps in the maintenance of brain cell activity. 
  • Provides relief from manic depressive episodes.
  • Regulates mood swings.
  • Controls that aggressive behavior.
  • Manages the mood of the person.

Precautions for Risperidone Composition

With the regular consumption of the tablets, one has to manage the consumption and also initiate the steps that promote health results outcomes too. The precautions are mentioned below.

  • The pregnant woman should not consume the dose.
  •  the adults above the age of 18 are allowed to consume.
  • Any allergies have to be reported.
  • If there are noticeable aggressive changes in the behavior, kindly inform the doctor.
  • Consume it with water only.

Side Effects of Risperidone Composition

The reported side effects of the dose are mentioned below.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Mood swings
  • Vomiting
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Depressive episodes.

Note- Risperidone Composition Tablets are only, for external use.


Keep the Risperidone Composition tablets stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Disclaimer- Risperidone Composition tablet is not advised by us, for the consumption, kindly consult the doctor. This may result in adverse effects if not consumed for the serious medical purposes

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