Acamprosate Calcium I.P 333 mg. Excipients q.s.


Brand Name : ANTIALC

Composition : Acamprosate Calcium I.P 333 mg. Excipients q.s.

Packing : (10x6)

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Description :

Acamprosate Calcium is the salt used in the treatment of leveling the craving for alcohol. As psychiatric salt, it controls the person's mind by decreasing the urge to addiction. This is manufactured by Lifegenix and the salt specifically provides a superior aid in maintaining the brain’s function by deviating the nerve signals that proved a person to consume alcohol on daily basis. Any kind of addiction unstable the person's mind where he faces a problematic issue that provokes the mental state which further leads to the occurrence of stress, and anxiety and one also faces teh need for alcohol for frequent hours while undergoing the phase of depression. This psychotic condition then requires the attention of a psychiatrist and a psychologist, under whose suggestion the advisory of basalt is recommended. 

Acamprosate Calcium Salt is one of the superior inventions of the medical industry that on the primer note helps the person stabilizes the chemical signal thereby reducing the urging need for the frequent consumption of alcohol. The person gets addicted to the unwanted substance that when he losses control over his brain functioning and receives impulsive signals that provoke the reactive behavior. It is very much essential to control the need that harms the body. The intake of tablets composed of Acamprosate Calcium composition is restricted for the advice and recommendation of the physician as this will eminently affect the activity of the mind and can cause certain levels of side effects too.

There are side effects of alcohol that may affect life but while you are under the medication of  the salt Acamprosate Calcium, then it can also be one of the reasons for the development of the negative effects. These may vary from person to parts and significantly every brain's response to teh salt is different. One may notice a change in the behavior, they will the occurrence of negative episodes, nausea can occur and the digestive issue will ve commonly faced. To avoid all these take precautions which are,  stray hydrated and informing the doctor about any the noticeable health issues that happened after the intake. The pregnant woman is advised to stay away from the drug and so are the children. 

Compositional Mechanism of Acamprosate Calcium Salt

The compositional advantages of salt are primarily the most as these will benefit the maximum number of people who are under the prison of alcohol addiction, hence below are some of the benefits one may feel as they might notice the change in the body and behavior too.

  • Helps in stabilizing the nerve signs.
  • Prevents the person from consuming alcohol.
  • Controls the urges of drinking.
  • The calcium content helps in controlling the need.
  • Controls the impulsive behavior caused by every consumption.
  • The appropriate consumption may free the patient from regular consumption.

Consumption Guide for Acamprosate Calcium Salt

We do not recommend the dose requirement and consumption of teh tablets related to this salt as it belongs to the class of anti-alcohol tablets and moreover, the psychotic agent too that prevents the brain’s desire to drink, hence the requirement may depend from person to person and also may effects the health too. Hence do not intake it without the proper consultation. 

Precautions for Acamprosate Calcium Salt

One is required to follow certain precautions too which may help in cure of the issue in a short period of time.

  • Keep a fixed time for the consumption of the salt tablets.
  • Try not to consume without the instruction of the doctor.
  • Make a proper routine and floor a healthy lifestyle.
  • Staw away from the environment that provokes alcohol behavior.
  • Inform the doctor about the occurrence of frequent impulsive behavior.
  • Complete the course of the medication.

Side Effects of Acamprosate Calcium Salt

One who is recommending the use of tablets may face the negative effects that will cause the occurrence of health issues. Below are some of the mentioned effects.

  • Loss of hunger can be noticed.
  • Frequent vomiting.
  • Digestive issue that causes constipation.
  • Liver effects such as the fatty liver may occur.
  • Noticeable change in the libido levels.


Keep the Acamprosate Calcium salt packed and tabled in a cool place.

Note - Acamprosate Calcium Salt must be consumed under the guideline of the clinician during external circumstances only.

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