Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India

Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India - With an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, the cases of neuro disorders are increasing on a daily note. Millions of people are facing mental disorders and seeking top-notch quality neuro medications. However, the lack of supplier and distributors make them deprived of high-end neuro medicines. Seeing the same, neuro companies are taking part in making neuro medicines accessible to the masses. This article list those Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturer in India.

The rapid increase in the interest in neuro medicine has led to the expansion of the whole neuropsychiatric medicine industry. An ever-increasing number of people are investing in the neuro range. If you also want to become a part of the ever-growing neuro industry, now is the right time. Find out the best neuro PCD franchise company and tap into the neuro market. We know that getting associated with the right partner takes a toll. But you need not worry as we are here with the Best List of Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India.

List of Top 5 Best Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India

Well, you have decided to take the plunge. You are willing to invest in the tremendously growing neuro industry. Your decision seems worthwhile. Also, you will earn your desired profits but only when if you collaborate with one of the Top neuropsychiatry medicine manufacturers. So, without further ado, let's dive deep into this list containing the top neuro medicine manufacturers.

Lifecare Neuro

With the rich experience of 40 years of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro has been introduced into the pharma industry and became one of the Best Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India. The company runs its enterprise with three tenets; uniform quality, complete customer satisfaction, and business ethics.
Since our establishment in the year 1994, we have been engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a broad range of pharma products that are formulated with the keen assistance of highly dedicated pharma experts. Furthermore, we are a titleholder of 10+ certifications that are granted to us for our rich quality formulations and transparent dealings.

Medicine range in which Lifecare Neuro deals:

  1. Antiemetics & Vertigo
  2. Antidiabetics
  3. Antiulcer Hyperacidity
  4. Antipsychotics
  5. Antibiotics
  6. Antimigraine
  7. OTC Products
  8. Anti-Arthritic
  9. NSAIDs
  10. Anticonvulsants
  11. Cerebral Activators
  12. Dermatological
  13. Antiplatelets
  14. Vitamins & Minerals
  15. Antidepressants


The second position holds Lifegenix, an award-winning Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturer in India. Incorporated in 1994, this company is dedicated to delivering a robust range of low-cost high-quality neuro medicines. The company manufactures, supplies, and markets a broad neuro range covering various administration forms. Its product range comprises Anti-Depressants, Anti-Psychotics, Cerebral Activators, Anxiolytics, Anti-Convulsants, Anti Migraine, etc. An individual can join hands with this neuro medicine manufacturing company and reach newer heights in a short period.

Key Highlights of Lifegenix:-Neuropsychiatry Medicines Manufacturer in India

  • The exclusive neuro product range
  • ISO, HACCP, GMP, GLP certified
  • Garnered 40+ years of experience
  • cGMP compliant manufacturing units

Eridanus Healthcare (Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturer)

Eridanus Healthcare is a specialized pharmaceutical company solely dedicated to the neuropsychiatric medicine range. This company develops and manufactures a wide range of highly effective neuro medicines backed by its years of expertise. The company has employed expert pharma scientists for first-right-time formulation. In addition, its tendency to adhere to protocols and norms makes it an ideal choice.

With a singular vision of how medicines can get better, it has gained the most recognition throughout the country. Also, its mission of making the life of patients suffering from neurological disorders better makes it the best Neuro Medicine Manufacturer in India. Aside from that, its superior services, transparent dealing, integrity, and ingenuity, make it the Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturer in India.

Neuracle Lifesciences

Another good option is Neuracle Lifesciences, a pharma company well-known for its quality neuro medicines and services. Currently, the company has 300+ neuro products in the arsenal for various disorders, such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, etc. Also, its working culture and mission of driving innovation in the neuro medicine industry set it apart from others.

The Company Deals in the Following Ranges:-

  • Anti Allergic
  • Anti Depressants
  • Anti Epileptic
  • Anti Psychotics
  • Anti Vertigo

Pax Healthcare

If you are looking for one of the Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India, Pax Healthcare could be your last destination. Though the company is not focused on any particular area, its high-selling neuro medicines can give a boost to your business. This company is ISO 9001:2008 certified with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a dedicated workforce of professionals.

It manufactures high-end neuro medicines using premium quality active raw ingredients. In addition, it leverages its years of experience and expertise to formulate neuro medicines addressing human requirements. Also, it has 1200+ associates all across the nation. Further, the company has won the UDYOG PATRA AWARD, making it even more credible for business.

Stensa Lifesciences

Last on the list of the Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India, but not the least. Stensa Lifesciences is an ISO, WHO, and GMP-certified pharmaceutical company with 200+ associates throughout the nation. This company manufactures products in various therapeutic areas, including Neuropsychiatry, Dermatology, Dental Range, etc. Its medicines are highly appreciated by the top medics due to their low cost and high quality.

Salient Features of Stensa Lifesciences:-

  • Hired people with unique skills
  • Advanced manufacturing machinery
  • Quality neuro medicines with certifications
  • Neuro Medicines backed by trailblazing research

On the Final Note

This article lists the Top Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers in India. We did an in-depth market analysis and found these 5 neuro medicine manufacturing companies that are the best in all aspects. Whether you are a newbie entrepreneur or an individual with numerous businesses, these companies are the best to work with. In addition, their collaboration comes with many advantages.

So, without thinking twice, associate with one of the Best Neuropsychiatry Medicine Manufacturers and find success. However, if you are still undecided and having a tough time finding the best among them, don't sweat it. Associate with Lifegenix, a pharma company with flexible services. You can collaborate with this company and success will be 100% guaranteed. Don't think twice, join Lifegenix.

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