Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore

Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore- Capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is the hub of many biopharmaceutical companies. In the country India, Bangalore attains a position as a top city of the Clinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) company Syngene International. The companies under this list provide services on global levels. Lies in Karnataka, the city offers 40% profit in the pharma sector. On the national level, it contributes 10%.

Home to more than 150+ pharmaceutical companies a selection of the best is indeed a task especially if you are looking for Third-party manufacturing. As the steeping rise in pharmaceutical products is noticed the service of contractual manufacturing is in demand. If you are planning to start a business and looking for the best manufacturers we have a list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore. 

The opportunities for pharmaceutical products are in the highest demand. This has boosted the domestic growth. To become the party of third party sector you can go with the third party manufacturing services. This list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore will introduce you to the dedicated pharma industrialists in Bangalore. 

List of Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore

Confused about which company to enter for the contractual manufacturing services, we got you coves. Presting you a list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore that offer ultimate services. 

  1. Lifegenix
  2. Alencure Biotech
  3. Abiba Pharmacia
  4. United Laboratories
  5. Knox Lifesciences
  6. Swisschem Healthcare


With 29 years of expertise in the field of third-party manufacturing services and delivering more than 20+ pharmaceutical product segments, Lifegenix has become the leading Top Pharma Manufacturer in Bangalore. The company in these years can collaborate with nearly 400 clients in the pharmaceutical industry for the service of contractual manufacturing.

This is an ISO, GMP, and WHO pharmaceutical firm that believes in making the product under the supervision of healthcare exports. Its production unit is standardized with state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts with the technology-based machine it manages to deliver the products on time. 

The company offers manufacturing services globally. Currently, it is delivering in 15 countries. You should invest if you are looking for the highest quality assured products. The perks of financing the third-party manufacturing service in Bangalore are mentioned below.

  • The service is offered at pocket-friendly rates.
  • The necessity of packaging is the prime concern of Lifegenix.
  • Every product goes through a multi-level of quality testing.
  • 100% safe products with yearly stock availability.

Deals in the product range are mentioned below.

  • Neuro
  • Cardiac
  • Generic
  • Psychiatry
  • Diabetes
  • Neutraceutical

Alencure Biotech

Alencure Biotech among the Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore offers a range of tablets, injections, capsules, sachets, powders, syrups, etc range for contractual manufacturing services. The production and manufacturing team of Alencure Biotech makes sure to follow stringent quality guidelines. It follows both, the domestic quality standards and the international quality standards. The company provides its manufacturing service in 10 countries. It is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing product.


  • Research department management by R&D experts.
  • Customer-centric in the service
  • Is a party to India’s economic growth
  • Affordale service that offers a multi-range product list.

Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia is another contractual manufacturer in the list of Best Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore. The companies provide the segments of Antibiotics Products, Ayurvedic Range, Gastro Products, Pediatric Products, Dental Range, Orthopedic Drugs, Veterinary, Drugs For Cough & Cold, Gynaecology Products Franchise, Antioxidant & Multivitamins, Steroids, and Anit Inflammatory.

Its business offering of Contractual Manufacturing involves, 

  • ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified products.
  • Serving the highest quality for 10 years in a row.
  • Focuses on the packaging to attract customers
  • Products are relived to cure every disease. 

United Laboratories

United Laboratories deals in an impressive range of nutraceutical products. In Bangalore the demand for neutraceutical drugs is high. It is so as the lifestyle changes are affecting the nutritional contents which is leading to the potential intake of supplements. Serving for years, this third-party manufacturing company in the list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore has over 3 manufacturing units. It holds the capability to offer multiple product segments with yearly stock availability. Its ethical service delivers tremendous benefits to the clients.

Collaboration benefits with United Laboratories

  • Associates can get a range of 500+ products
  • It also less in the Ayurvedic product segments
  • Deliver in every district of Bangalore
  • The research analysis is given priority before manufacturing the products.

Knox Liifescienc

If you are looking for a company to offer support in your business at affordable rates, Knox Lifescience is the company for you. With their party manufacturing service, you can get the highest quality products manufactured at cost-friendly rates. It is among the leading manufacturers among Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore because of its ultimate delivery service.  

Certification of Knox Lifesciences

  • DCGI-approved 
  • GMP
  • WHO
  •  GLP 


  • Driven with innovation and quality
  • Dela sin over 25000+ products
  •  Cutting-edge techniques to manufacture products

Swisschem Healthcare

Swisshem Healthcare is one of the Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore that offers an approach of contractual manufacturing at cost-effective rates. The company effectively handles large-scale manufacturing and hence delivers a yearly stock of term care products. 

Highlights of Swisschem Healthcare

  • It holds the certification of ISO 9001:2008
  • The highest quality products are the focus of the company.
  • Professional towards its clients


It is a challenge to find the best pharmaceutical manufacturer that delivers medicine at affordable rates but not anymore. The third-party manufacturers among the Top Pharma Manufacturers in Bangalore are driven by quality. These companies are years old in the business and are known to support professionalism among clients. 

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