Top Neuro Companies in India

Top Neuro Companies in India- The nutraceutical sector has immensely increased. The medical branch of Neutraceutical complies with both, the psychiatric and the neurological is meeting the demands of the market. Nowadays many companies are stepping forwards in the manufacturing industry of these drugs. There are some Top Neuro Companies in India that have been involved in the lead of delivering an extensive range of nutraceutical products.

The establishment of neuropsychiatric disorders is commonly noted when the person faces the issues of unspecified maturation, physical injury some after-effects of other health-related conditions, and even the presence of psychological disorders may lead towards the cause of Neurological issues.

The expanding means of nutraceutical products have advised in bringing new formulation drugs to the market. Investors and even patients look for the future development of neuropsychiatric drugs. Hence the increase of the pharmaceutical industry within the specific sector has vitality mentioned the heights of Top Neuro Companies in India.

If you are also looking the investing in the sector and earn the margins of profits, a deal-breaking advice would be the collaboration with these Top Neuro Companies in India. These have recently broken the record for profits in the market.

List of Top Neuro Companies in India

Here is a list of the leading Neutraceutical Companies in India that have made their way to success by offering the market a wide range of neuropsychic products. The mentioned pharmaceutical firms under the list of Top Neuro Companies in India have attained a high gross market value. Since thor expansion. The world of Neurracetical drugs has achieved a tremendous transformation.

  1. Lifegenic 
  2. Alpha Products
  3. United Laboratories
  4. Eridanus Healthcare
  5. Netprime Pharma
  6. Pax Healthcare

Get the Comparison of India's Leading Neutraceutical Companies

Here is a comparision of  Top Neuro Companies in India which will help you understande the firm deeply. 

Neutraceutical Companies

How Each is Different



Excelling the neuro field for 28 years, Has over 500+ products, the success rate of the customer is above 4000, prioritizes the success of clients, and has the best profit ratio. 

Aden Healthcare

ISO, GMP, and WHO certified, Provides the products range at affordable rates, Follows a process of state-of-art manufacturing

United Laboratories

Offres the best business at competitive prices, Its products are in elite demand in the market, has attained a position by considering the opinions of clients.

Eridanus Healthcare

It is known to offres contact services and HOC to drug development companies, it deals in the neuro range of nearly 300+ products and can understand clients' needs.

Pax Healthcare

The fastest growing Neutraceutical company is no, 1 in supplying products on time, its range is considered as the best due to the high rate of guaranteed results.

Netprime Pharma

Marks on the standards of the market has a neutraceutical product range of 200+ products, highly committed towards the safe health of customers.



Lifegenix is among the Top Neuro Companies in India. This has back-to-back awards with the award of excellence. The CIMS has honored it with The Best Neuro-Psychtic Company and the Emerging Pharma Company in the year 2021.

With Lifegenix’s 28 years of excelling, it has expanded its nutraceutical medicine business in nearly more than 10 countries. Currently, the firm is offering a diversified range of 500+ products that includes Anti-Psychotics, Anxiolytics, NSAIDS, Neuralgia & Anti-Arthritics, Anti-Convulsants, Anti Migraine, Anti-Ulcer, Hyperacidity & Gastroenterological, etc.

It has made a professional term business of success with over 4000+ satisfied customers. It stands on the promise of offering export-grade quality nutraceutical products. Lifegenix is popularly recognized as the best neuropsychiatric company in India. 

Glance to its Features

  • The company strictly follows the rule of WHO, ISO, and GMP.
  • It is acknowledged as the best neuro firm to deliver the range with monopoly rights.
  • The Company belongs to the leading companies that have client-centric approaches.
  • It provides monopoly rights.
  • The medicines offered are cost-effective.

Contact Lifegenix

To know more details about Lifegenix, one of the Top Neuro Companies in India, contact the details mentioned below.

Call- +91 78768 92589,+91 70189 91192, +91 93180 58855


Address- 70/1, Dharampur, Sai Road, Near Export Promotion Zone, Phase-II, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India - 173205

Aden Healthcare

Offering rich sources of nutraceutical medicines, Aden Healthcare leads in the list of Top Neuro Companies in India. The company benefits the customers with truthful profits. 

The facility of state-of-art manufacturing helps in delivering medicines made with the highest rate of quality. The common nutraceutical drugs it deals in are mentioned below.

  • Anti Alcoholism
  • Antidiabetics
  • Anti Microbial & Anti Biotics, etc

United Laboratories

United Laboratories is among the leading firms among Top Neuro Companies in India that offer the best business to clients.

It offers quality-assured products and has a huge customer base. The company is known to deliver the authenticity of a nutraceutical product range that guarantees suitable results.

The company is ISO, GMP, and WHO certified and deals in the medicine range of Anti Parkinsonian, Anti Asthmatics, Vitamins & Minerals, etc

Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare has maintained its spot among the Top Neuro Companies in India as it promotes contract services & HCO to drug-development companies.

The company within its production department follows all the security norms and offers hygienic quality products which are necessary to treat the root causes of psychological disorders.

It regularly looks for techniques wherein it promotes manufacturing to meet the news of clients and the market’s customers.

Netprime Pharma

Netprime Pharma is a nutraceutical company within the list of Top Neuro Companies in India. It benefits the market’s business by optimizing its product range.

Currently, the company is offering more than 200+ products. Its ethical approach and transparent business deal with the clients promote significant policies of success and growth

Netprime Pharma is aware of the market’s standards and thereby is always ready to have committing services that initiate a high range of profits.

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare with its professional, marketing team and a tremendous state of art manufacturing unit has established a ray of success for its investors. 

The reason Pax Healthcare be on the list of Top Neuro Companies in India is that it is one of the fastest growing Neuraceutical company in the country that offers its service in various state of the country such as Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, etc.


We have mentioned all the Top Neuro Companies in India. You may choose any of these as per your budget. Keep in mind to get the association of a firm that offers the benefits of market value and has an extensive product list. Make a budget plan and then accordingly invest in the nutraceutical company.

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