Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Service in Chandigarh

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing in Chandigarh - Getting the products manufactured with the help of other companies is the latest trend which is quite cost efficient as the person does not require to set up his own plant. In a city like Chandigarh, the pharma market is huge with all the leading opportunities. Here people believe in the quality assured products which come with the attractive packaging too. 

Lifegenix is one such leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh that provides the assured quality of products which are certified by WHO and GMA. Our wide range of articles and hygiene while forming the medical aid has made us capable of gaining the trust of our clients. We therefore offer the unique packaging with the tremendous look as  we believe that the first look matters in gaining the customer base when you are into the pharma business. 

The experienced professionals that work with the Ligenix research on each and every product on their own before the start of the process. This is because our experts believe that dealing with the businessman and  providing them a Third Party Pharma Service in Chandigarh comes with a responsibility , hence fulfilling the desires of our company associates always remains our utmost priority. With the years of experience, the customer base of all the clients we deal with has only increased since the day they have joined their hands with Lifegenix.

Products Manufactured Under Lifegenix

Our biologist with years of experience has manufactured a wide range of products that are made by keeping the customer satisfaction in mind. All the products offered by Lifegenix pass the quality check before entering the market, not only this, we also take care of delivering the bulk orders on time. Our professional constantly works day and night so no client associated with us faces the issues regarding deliveries. 

We and our team value the time and demand of our partners which is why we are known as the experts not just offering the wide variety of articles but also assuring the positive outcomes on time. 

Some of the pharmaceutical aids we offer are mentioned below.

  • Anti - Depressants
  • Anti - Convulsants
  • NSAIDS, Neuralgia and Anti - Arthritics
  • Anti-Ulcer, Hyperacidity and Gastroenterological 
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Anti - Psychotics
  • Anti Migraine
  • Antidiabetics
  • Anti Parkinsonian
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Anxiolytics
  • Anti Alcoholism 
  • Antimicrobials and Antibiotics
  • Anti AsthmaticsDrug Blending 

Why choose Lifegenix ?

We have experts that work hard everyday to fulfill the needs of our clients, the  products are assured and certified by WHO and GMA. We have improvised technology machines that produce plenty of products at the same time. We are leading in Third Party Pharma Manufacturing in Chandigarh because we value our associate’s financial investment therefore we provide the 100% quality assured medicines. 

Manufacturing process we follow 

The manufacturing process that we follow includes the best machines and undergoes all the four stages.

1.Drug Blending 

Our priority focus always relies on the quality or raw materials that are used in the process of drug blending. We have a superior blender which holds the capacity to combine gallons of materials. 

2.Medicinal Coating 

Under this process we use versatile material that is soluble in both water and in other solvents. The coating is done by those materials which are taste friendly and are suitable for every age group.

3.Medical Aid Sterilization

All the products before packaging are sterilized under the guidance of the laboratory experts and are also tested.

4.Delivering Process

Once the pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured, they are then transferred to our delivery partners who then assure the safe and secured delivery.

We follow all these processes to satisfy our clients, we believe in providing all the advanced services we could to meet their needs.

Satisfactory Outcomes by Third Party Pharma Manufacturing in Chandigarh - Lifegenix

Whosoever is indulging with us has always received the best advantages, this is because with the bulk orders we also believe in assuring the certified range products being delivered.  

  • The raw material used at the manufacturing unit of Lifegenix is completely genuine and undergoes a testing process.
  • We use all the pharmaceuticals salts by measuring the quantities so no customer could suffer with b the after effects of the tablets. 
  • Evolutionary machinery with advanced technologies is chosen for the production of pharma drugs. 
  • One has to invest low in terms of financial assistance which helps them grow in their business. 
  • Lastly, the delivery process we follow is as per the needs of the customer. We assure to provide the products on time. 

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