Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India

Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India - With the projected demand of US$ 95 billion by the end of 2023, Cardiac Diabetic has become one of the best segments to work with. Noticing the cases of critical heart diseases, heart attacks, and diabetes-induced illnesses, we can conclude that investment in this segment will be a profitable one. If you are someone who is wishful to run your business in the Cardiac Diabetic segment and want to earn impressive gains, then our list of Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India can certainly benefit you.

A recent research study suggests that there has been a steep incline in the demand for cardiac diabetic medications. This has resulted in the establishment of more and more pharma players. There are numerous pharma companies dealing in a cardiac diabetic range that attracts a large number of investors, small pharma companies, medium scale companies, and even MNCs to take third party manufacturing. To help all those individuals who aim to get third-party manufacturing services from a reliable company, we have formed a list of Top Third Party Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India that are performing excellently in the pharma sector.


With 500+ medicinal brands and 1500+ satisfied clients, Lifegenix is considered the Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturer in India. The company is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a broad-spectrum range of anti-diabetic and cardiovascular medications. They have been delivering their medicines to all the prospective locations through a robust logistics support system. Owing to world-class resources, Lifegenix ensures ideal utilization of the resources to bring out a valued and most demanded Cardiac Diabetic range.

Product range delivered by Lifegenix:

  1. DIBOSURE 50 - Vildagliptin. – 50 mg
  2. DULCOPRO-M1 - Glimepiride I.P. – 1 mg Metformin Hcl I.P. – 500mg (As Extended-Release) Excipients – q.s.
  3. DULCOPRO- M2 - Glimepiride I.P. – 2 mg Metformin Hcl I.P. – 500mg (As Extended-Release)
  4. DIBOSURE M 500 - Vildagliptin 50 mg & Metformin HCL 500 mg

Lifecare Neuro

With more than 10+ certifications, Lifecare Neuro becomes one of the Top Third Party Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India that has made its name for its top-quality pharma formulations. The company is located at the largest pharma hub in Asia that is assisted with professional manpower and logistics support. All our medications are designed and developed in a way that adheres to WHO-GMP units and other associated codes of GLP and GCP. Our product catalogue has been produced and controlled as per the market requirements and other regulations significant to the production control.

Highlights of Lifecare Neuro:

  1. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in special economic zones.
  2. Scientific and advanced developments in R&D labs.
  3. Strict quality inspections for the accurate testing of medicines.
  4. Dedicated staff that monitors and tracks the dispatched medicines.


Recipient of the prestigious award of the Business Standard Company of the Year 2021, Cipla is a well-established healthcare firm that acquires PAN India's presence. The company has traced its mark on the pharmaceutical sector due to its versatile medical knowledge, high-quality pharmaceutical formulations, and genuinely priced medications. Mentioned below are the key highlights of CIPLA:

  1. More than 1500 products in 65 therapeutic categories are delivered in over 50 dosage forms.
  2. Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities are exercised in compliance with cGMP norms.
  3. An experienced team of 250+ scientists that manages complex molecules and the science of matter.
  4. Strategic investments in advanced technologies for enhanced quality of drugs.

Sun Pharma

Coming up next in the list of Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India, we have Sun Pharma. The company is engaged in hiring highly talented and dedicated individuals to make sure they are professionally trained and nurtured. The multifaceted work environment of Sun Pharma offers exceptionally high growth opportunities to the business aspirants with clear responsibilities.

The product portfolio of Sun Pharma:

  1. Generic Medications
  2. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  3. Specialty Medications
  4. Over-the-Counter Medications
  5. Anti Retro Viral Medications

Mankind Pharma

Quality, Affordability, and Availability are the three terms that go in alignment at the premises of Mankind Pharma. Incorporated in the year 1986, the company has now become a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality pharma formulations that are delivered across the nation. They have their presence in more than 34 countries plus they are known to provide genuine quality medications.

Torrent Pharma

The next spot in the list of Top Third Party Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India is acquired by Torrent Pharma. The company discovers, develops, and commercializes best quality Cardiac Diabetic formulations that are formulated using natural ingredients. Their stringent quality monitoring techniques, dynamic business approach, and ultra-modern manufacturing tactics make them an emerging manufacturer of top-quality cardiac diabetic products.

Core capacities of Torrent Pharma:

  1. State-of-the-art R&D labs with advanced infrastructures.
  2. Innovative processes of API and formulations.
  3. Robust international presence in 40+ countries.


Biocon is a widely known biopharmaceutical company that is driven by expertise and experience and delivers quality-assured medical formulations. The company is supported by advanced therapy platforms and more than 13k employees that keep science and creativity in alignment to shape better healthcare products. They are working towards attaining health equity by making the medicines easily accessible to their customers all around the globe.

Some of the diabetic formulations offered by Biocon:

  • Dapagliflozin
  • Liraglutide
  • Vildagliptin
  • Repaglinide
  • Sitagliptin
  • Semaglutide
  • Empagliflozin
  • Linagliptin

Aurobindo Pharma

Another company that has made it to the list of Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India is a completely integrated pharma company, Aurobindo Pharma. The company leverages India’s top scientists that have successfully introduced an affordable range of pharma products that are accessible across the world. Moreover, the growth of Aurobindo Pharma is assisted by profitable drug development and considerable manufacturing.


155 Countries

Scientists & Analysts


R&D Centers


Manufacturing Units

15 Worldwide


Here we are winding up our list of Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India that are widely trusted due to their optimum transparency and integrity. You can choose the company in accordance with this list that fits your financial plans as well as business requirements. But, if you want to procure the best quality cardiac diabetic products at the most authentic rates, then choose the Top Third Party Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturer in India, Lifegenix.

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